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Waste to Energy

Eco Coal

Hard Wax

Through our proprietary technology IGE Solutions is able to take unrecyclable waste and convert it to  into energy. .  Read More

The team at IGE Solutions have painstakingly created an additive that when blended with coal, is cleaner and more efficient than your regular RB1 (A-Grade) coal.  Read More

Our waxes are used in many applications as an combustion enhancer for various different industries.  Read More



At IGE Solutions we work closely and directly with various mines in South Africa and Botswana. .  Read More

IGE Logistics broker service is able to source various different size trucks for one load or long contracts

. .  Read More


Black smoke, clinkering, emissions, or combustion issues? We work closely with you to make sure you are getting the optimum results from your boiler

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