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Eco coal solution


The team at IGE Solutions has painstakingly created an additive that when blended with coal, is cleaner and more efficient than your regular A-Grade coal.

Landfills and the natural environment are the final destinations for more than three quarters of non-degradable trash, according to a new global estimate. If current trends in waste management continue, the debris housed in landfills and natural environments (currently 4.9 billion metric tons) will more than double by 2050, scientists reported in Science Advances.

Our solution to a global problem ...


By carefully selecting specific non-degradable materials for their calorific value and clean-burning properties from reputable waste management companies and re-purposing the materials to deliver the optimum combustion properties required by our customers, IEG Solutions are able to drastically reduce the dependency on virgin fossil fuels and hugely reduce the amount of non-biodegradable trash going into landfill.
Click Here for a copy for our latest emissions test results.

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Tick IEG Solutions Coal
Tick IEG Solutions Coal
Tick IEG Solutions Coal
Tick IEG Solutions Coal
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The IEG Solution:


Cheaper than regular A-Grade coal*

More efficient than regular coal*

Cleaner than regular coal*

Reduction in uncombusted material*

Less maintenance required*

National freight service*

Coal and additive sold and delivered premixed and ready for use.

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*Contact us for full details

Contact us NOW to place an order, run a test or to get more info

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